Precision Temperature Referral Program

At Precision Temperature, your comfort is our top priority. Just as you depend upon us for your heating and cooling, we depend upon you.

Happy customers tell their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers about us. The is important for us to grow as a company, and there’s no better way to say thank you than with cold hard cash!

That’s where our referral program comes in.

Here's how our referral program works!

Each time you refer a friend, family member, and/or colleague that is in need of Heating and Air Conditioning repair or installations services (who has not yet used our company) you’ll earn cash!

Write your name and/or the company you work for (if we’re servicing a commercial business) on the back of the card given to you by our technician during your most recent visit. Then give that card to a friend or family member and instruct them to mention your name when they schedule their appointment. For each qualified new customer you send our way, we’ll give you $50.

What if you don’t have any more referral cards, or never got one in the first place? That’s okay, just make sure your new referral mentions your name and how we can contact you. The card is simply a tool to make referring easier for you. But word of mouth is fine as well!

For more information on what’s considered a qualifying customer check out our terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

  • Referral Definition:A referral is a new customer to whom you have personally communicated with in regard to the recommendation of our company. Referring yourself is not considered a referral.
  • Qualifications:The person you refer must be a NEW customer other than yourself who has not yet used our company and who resides within or owns a residence/company within our service territory. The new customer must complete a service with a total ticket amount in excess of $250.
  • Delivery of Reward:The referral reward will be delivered once the new referral has paid for their service in full. We will mail the referral reward in the form of either cash, check, or gift card. Please allow 5-10 business days following the completion of referrals visit for rewards to be processed.
  • Disclaimers:Failure of your referral to mention your name will void the offer. If Precision Temperature is unable to determine who referred the new customer, no rewards will be able to be delivered. The referral reward is only to be delivered to you upon completion and payment of the first service call of the new customer, and is only applicable for their first address on file with us.


  1. Who is eligible to be paid for a referral?Anyone! You don’t even have to be a customer of ours. You just have to be responsible for introducing us to someone who becomes our customer and provide us with enough details to contact you for delivery of your referral reward.
  2. Can I get more than one referral rewards?Absolutely! If you send us 100 new customers, we’ll give you 100 referral rewards with pleasure.
  3. Can I get more than one referral reward from the same customer?No, only one reward will be delivered per customer and/or address.
  4. Can I refer myself?Sorry, but you need to refer someone else to receive the referral reward.
  5. Is this for commercial customers? Or just residential?Referral rewards are paid for both new commercial and residential customers.
  6. What if I have more questions?Feel free to call us at 619-588-5321 for more information. We’re standing by to help!
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