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Commercial Duct Cleaning in San Diego, CA

Businesses and institutions throughout San Diego County trust Precision Temperature for all of their HVAC installation and maintenance needs. What some may not realize, however, is that achieving comfortable indoor climates does not end at system installation. Routine inspections and cleanings are necessary to ensure the continued circulation of clean, fresh air throughout office buildings, residences, retail facilities, institutions, and industrial plants.

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Why choose Precision Temperature? Here are some reasons why San Diegans trust us with their business:
  • 24/7 emergency vehicles that service all of San Diego County;
  • Technicians experienced in HVAC systems who can ensure that duct cleaning will not disrupt air conditioning or heating system services;
  • Access to a fully licensed commercial HVAC company for other heating and cooling needs;
  • Specialized, state-of-the-art cleaning tools and supplies used to clean ducts.

Benefits to Routine Duct Cleaning Services

Our customers seek commercial air duct cleaning to prevent the recirculation of lingering odors through HVAC systems. This includes unpleasant aromas generated in cooking areas, industrial manufacturing processes, and other locations from degrading indoor air quality.
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Commercial HVAC cleaning promotes health and wellness by removing entrapped dust, mold spores, and other debris which might pose a safety hazard if left unattended in air ducts and vents. For example, some restaurant hoods and ducts accumulate greasy splatter; these flammable waste products require periodic removal to prevent kitchen fires. Precision Temperature can provide the duct cleaning services necessary for eliminating dirt, grease, and other unwelcome particles.

Promote Office Health and Safety

Studies show that a certain percentage of the population remains at significant risk of suffering from airborne allergens.Ask usto eliminate plant pollen, mold spores, and other particles capable of producing painful physical symptoms in susceptible individuals by scheduling a duct cleaning. You can help make your facility a more comfortable, pleasant place for visitors and staff members by checking and updating your systems on a regular basis.

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