A/C Maintenance

Nobody likes a broken air conditioner. Least of all in the middle of the summer.

Don’t wait until your A/C breaks. Avoid costly repairs by properly maintaining your system with regular A/C maintenance. A/C maintenance ensures your system is running as it should.

Much like a dentist appointment is a check up and cleaning for your teeth, A/C maintenance ensures your air conditioner is in prime shape for the summer season.

Reasons A/C Maintenance is Important

• Regular service ensures your system functions smoothly and properly for longer.
• Checking refrigerant assures your system is operating to optimum efficiency, avoiding damage to your compressor.
• Cleaning the condenser coil reduces system run-time and lowers your electric bills.
• Cleaning the evaporator coil enhances airflow delivery, increases comfort, improves indoor air quality, and provides allergy relief.
•我们将检查你的冷凝排水,保证it’s clean and clear, preventing overflow that could damage your floors and ceilings.
• We’ll lubricate your system, creating a more efficient, smoother, and quieter unit.
• Replacing the air filter increases airflow, lowers bills, improves cooling, and keeps your air clean.

For a few list of the benefits, check out our8 reasons why maintenance is important.

The A/C maintenance Process

Wondering what’s involved with your heating maintenance? Here are the steps we take to ensure your furnace is working properly and at optimum efficiency:

1. Replace the filter and clean the air grill.
2. Measure temperature splits before and after cleaning.
3. Inspect the a/c unit and wiring for damage that causes malfunctions.
4. Check the capacitor for good voltage.
5. Check the refrigerant pressures to ensure no leaks are present.
6. Remove and clean the A/C casing.
7. Professionally clean the condenser coil
8. Lubricate the motor if needed
9. Check the condensate drain for blockages
10. Check fan rotation
11. Check for proper air flow
12. Check contact points

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